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PC/Steam Launcher
« on: December 27, 2017, 09:50:12 PM »
In response to this thread.

This is how I launch PC and Steam Games.

  • Microsoft Windows.exe - this is the emulator
  • Microsoft Windows.ini - this contains file paths, arguments, and window titles
  • ActiveWindowInfo.exe - use this to get window titles. Press Win+A while in game to freeze in win titles in the app
  • Microsoft Windows.conf - RetroFE Launcher file. Set your paths accordingly

How To:
  • Place Microsoft Windows.exe and Microsoft Windows.ini in a folder together. ex: \Emulators\Microsoft Windows
  • Place Microsoft Windows.conf in RetroFE launchers folder. Set the emulator path to point at Microsoft Windows.exe. Change nothing else
  • Open Microsoft Windows.ini in your preferred text editor. Use example below for reference

Code: [Select]
moveMouse=0    ; set this to 1 or true to move the mouse to the bottom right of the screen (out of sight)

; Steam Game
[Brawlhalla]    ; Ini Sections should match art and include.txt
path=M:\Roms\Windows\Steam    ; Path to Steam
exe=steam://rungameid/291550    ; This should always be the same except for the gameID
wintitle=Brawlhalla ahk_class ApolloRuntimeContentWindow    ; use ActiveWindowInfo.exe to get the title and ahk_class of your game (Top of app)

; Regular PC Game
[BIT.TRIP RUNNER]    ; Ini Sections should match art and include.txt
path=M:\Roms\Windows\BIT.TRIP RUNNER   ;Path to game
exe=RUNNER.exe    ; Game executable
note: do not use "wintitle=" with regular PC Games. path and exe only

That should be it. If you need help... Ask.

Download - source included
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Re: PC/Steam Launcher
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2017, 04:11:00 AM »
The exe key for Steam games needs to be changed in the ini file.

Code: [Select]
exe=Steam.exe -applaunch GAMEIDwith
Code: [Select]
open Steam and right click on a game and create a desktop shortcut. Right click the shortcut and click properties. You will get the above string with the GAMEID.

Updated download in first post. Small code changes and new example ini
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