Author Topic: more possibilities with ui sounds and some interesting additions  (Read 555 times)


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more possibilities with ui sounds and some interesting additions
« on: December 26, 2021, 11:35:09 AM »
First of all, Merry Christmas everyone. I've been very busy polishing some new designs I'm working on and have come up with a couple of ideas that could add more quality to RetroFE:

It would be very good if apart from the 4 main sounds, you could customize some more, such as: Enter a menu or return to a previous menu, even with the option to customize from which menu you go another. Example:

<sound type="load" src="example1.wav" /> "when you load the layout"
<sound type="highlight" src="example2.wav" /> "when you move through the menu"
<sound type="select" src="example3.wav" /> "When select a game to play"
<sound type="unload" src="example4.wav" /> "when you close the layout"
the new additions

<sound type="menu_index0_select"    src="example5.wav" /> "when you select the menu item to enter a submenu"
<sound type="menu_index1_select"    src="example6.wav" /> "when you select the submenu item to enter a submenu 2"
<sound type="menu_index1_back"    src="example7.wav" /> "when you return from the submenu to the previous menu"

I have not included menu_index0_back, because it is the same as the "unload" sound

menu_index0_select to menu_index9_select for example
menu_index1_back to menu_index8_back for example

When startCollectionEnter is yes, you select the first item from the main menu of the layout and load the submenu, this causes animations that are defined as onMenuEnter menuIndex = "1" to load.

I would like to be able to define the onEnter animations also with the possibility menuIndex = "0" and menuIndex = "1" so that in this way you can make different animations when you load that submenu for the first time or when you return to it after going through the main menu.

for example: When startCollectionEnter is yes, it would load the animation onEnter menuIndex = "1" instead of onMenuEnter menuIndex = "1". If while in the submenu, you go back to the main menu and select the item again to go to the submenu, in this case you would load onMenuEnter menuIndex = "1".

It's a bit complicated to explain, but I hope you understand.