Author Topic: Using WASAPI for PortAudio in MAME 182 causes RetroFE to hang/crash on exit  (Read 2796 times)


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Hey guys, I think I stumbled onto a bug. After updating to MAME 182 and utilizing PortAudio in MAME using the WASAPI RetroFE will hang indefinitely and crash when trying to exit RetroFE. There are no issues with the emulator or RetroFE regarding sound, that all works fine. When I go to exit RetroFE it hangs on a black screen (5+min) and if I press Escape it will crash.

Using another API for PortAudio or disabling PortAudio in MAME allows RetroFE to close normally. I checked the log and there doesn't seem to be any errors, the last line written is "[SDL] DeInitializing" which is where it hangs, RetroFE never exits. This occurs on the 0.7.20b3 build and the 0.7.20b4 build posted today.

Pieter Hulshoff

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To be honest: I don't even know what WASAPI is, but I'm pretty sure this issue will exist with every RetroFE version. My guess is that the de-initialization hangs, since both of them use SDL. I will see what I can find.

... just read it's Windows only; that makes debugging a tad more difficult for me ...
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WASAPI is the latest and greatest way windows manages audio devices so I imagine this is a possible conflict with SDL. I've used both a fair bit so will see if I can repro the problem and see what's going on