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1MiLLiON Theme | Multi Tier + Playlists
« on: April 03, 2021, 01:02:40 AM »
1MiLLiON Theme | Multi Tier + Genre Playlists

By Ʉ₦₳Vě₩ɆĐ



Game select menu

Game select menu onIdle

onIdle menu

1MiLLiON is an original multi tier theme, using RetroFE's built in abilities to split the main menu's into "sub" menu's (ARCADE, CONSOLE, HANDHELD, COMPUTERS, CUSTOM COLLECTIONS & PINBALL). Reserving the playlist feature for what I believe it is most useful for.
This theme includes playlists to add genre menus to all the popular systems (Action, Adventure, Fighting, Racing etc).

I strongly advise first trying it in a fresh retrofe build, it includes system art/videos/settings.conf for about 120 systems so it may overwrite a lot of stuff.

The systems are all showing by default, but can be hidden by moving or deleting the unwanted collections "unwanted collection".txt file.


Meta: - These are the meta hyperlists used to create the genre playlists.

Instructions: (for a multi tier install)
1. Backup and delete your "collections\Main\menu.txt"
2. If it exists, backup and delete your "collections\Main\menu" folder
3. Backup and delete your "collections\Main\medium_artwork\fanart\default.png"
4. Extract 1MiLLiON theme to root of RetroFE (overwrite if prompted)

RetroFE 10.12 or later

Collections Art:
When adding collections the following standard RetroFE art is needed:

fanart.jpg (1920x1080)

*fanart (1920x1080)

*optional, the video will show if no fanart present.

Thanks to JonahUK for:
-his minimum base theme. Perfect base to get you started creating your own themes.
-creating the Manufacturers videos, as far as I can see they are the only set in existence.
-constantly calling me a wanker ;)

Thanks to the CORE Devs, RetroFE Devs and community.
Come check out CORE Discord:

Stay healthy, and Press Y
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Re: 1MiLLiON Theme | Multi Tier + Playlists
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2021, 09:34:47 AM »
Nice set for people to play with, and build their setup upon.

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