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add to exclude.txt key
« on: January 23, 2021, 03:35:27 PM »
I would like to ask for a controls.conf addition to add a simple way to add games to the exclude.txt list. I have added a large set of 10000 ROMs in one collection and to go through it and manually type the rom name into exclude.txt will take months. With a key on the keyboard (i.e. X) I could just select the game I don't want via the UI and press X and it automatically gets added to exclude.txt
Doing the task in the UI is the only feasible method to get it completed.
Note this works exactly like the favorites feature but instead of writing to favorites.txt it writes to exclude.txt
Meaning the code and foundation to make this happen is mostly already there.

In controls.conf I suggest...
addExcludeList = X

Note this is an advanced feature. Because of this some safety things have been set in place.
The enable must be done manually (changed to 1), otherwise some [l]users could just hit X and wonder why games disappear from their game list.
X is the key that must be pressed to add a game to exclude.txt
The confirm means it shows a message 'Are you sure you want to remove '[insert game rom here] ?'. If set to 0 no confirm message is displayed.
Additionally the enable is 'session only' meaning when RetroFE is closed, the enable automatically resets to 0 so that it can't be accidentally left on by mistake.

This feature will make it very easy to manage large lists of roms like in MAME and quickly exclude games from the list.
The idea is just the game list is filtered and the rom remains in place for future when emulation may be improved then it is easy to put the game back simply by editing exclude.txt and removing the filtered game.
I'm sure it will be helpful to many people.
In a worst case situation if things are messed up simply delete exclude.txt and start again.

This has been very well thought out and all possible safety and mistake situations are covered.
As stated, this is an advanced feature for game management.
Thanks for your consideration.

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