Author Topic: 64 bit executable and updated SDL/GStreamer libraries for RetroFE  (Read 1015 times)

Pieter Hulshoff

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People have asked me for a 64 bit executable for RetroFE in the past. In all honesty: my Windows compile environment knowledge leaves something to be desired here. Would anyone be willing and able to set up a 64 bit compile environment for Windows for me so I can add it to the repository? Note that this will most likely also involve adding 64 bit libraries (SDL, GStreamer, etc.).

In addition, I'd like to move to the latest SDL and GStreamer libraries. I've made some attempts to get it working, but I keep running into linking issues, and I'm afraid my knowledge of Windows compile environments is also failing me in this regard.

Btw, is anyone still using RetroFE on a 32 bit OS these days?
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Re: 64 bit executable and updated SDL/GStreamer libraries for RetroFE
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If this helps improve RetroFe's performance, that's great. Because when I use very large images, it suffers a lot both in the movement and in the loading of the images.