Author Topic: Daphne Tutorial (LaserDisc Ex: Dragon's Lair)  (Read 3163 times)


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Daphne Tutorial (LaserDisc Ex: Dragon's Lair)
« on: December 04, 2017, 12:14:18 PM »
 Ok after lots of trial and error finally got daphne working.  :o  in this example ill show steps for getting dragon's lair to work others just need slight changes.

Step 1: as with setting up most emulators You need to setup and get the games working in daphne first. there are lots of tutorials on this so wont cover this in tutorial.
i used a copy of Dragon's Lair 20th Anniversary Edition - PC picked up on ebay some time ago daphne lists several editions that work.

Step 2: Now you have it all setup go to your emulators\ Directory crate a folder \Daphne\ move the contents of your daphne directory here

Step 3: @ command prompt issue command core\RetroFE.exe -createcollection "Daphne"    This will make a folder named (Daphne) and generate folders and config files.

Step 4: navigate to retrofe\collections\Daphne\settings.conf and insert code
Code: [Select]
list.includeMissingItems = true
list.extensions          = bat
list.menuSort            = yes

launcher      = Daphne
metadata.type = Daphne

Step 5: make a roms directory inside collections\Daphne\roms\ and create a bat file called lair.bat and insert code
Code: [Select]
@C:\RetroFE\emulators\Daphne\daphne.exe lair vldp -framefile vldp_dl\lair\lair.txt -blank_searches -min_seek_delay 1000 -seek_frames_per_ms 20 -fastboot -bank 0 11011001 -bank 1 00100111 -sound_buffer 2048 -fullscreen
clicking and running the .bat should load Dragon's lair

be sure to change the exact path to match your install of retrofe it must be full path.

Also note the bold parts of the string need to be changed to match other laser disk games example making a cliff.bat

daphne.exe lair vldp -framefile vldp_dl\lair\lair.txt -blank_searches -min_seek_delay 1000 -seek_frames_per_ms 20 -fastboot -bank 0 11011001 -bank 1 00100111 -sound_buffer 2048 -fullscreen

Step 6: copy do not move your cmd.exe from your \windows\system32\ to your Daphne\roms\ directory

Step 7: navigate to C:\RetroFE\collections\Main\menu.txt and add system (Daphne)
Ex: of my menu.txt
Code: [Select]
Capcom Play System I
Capcom Play System II
Capcom Play System III
Sega Genesis

Step 8: C:\Retrofe\\ create a Daphne.conf enter code
Code: [Select]
executable = collections\Daphne\roms\cmd.exe
arguments = cmd.exe /C "%ITEM_FILEPATH%"

now just add some logos to \Retrofe\collections\Daphne\medium_artwork\logo and your all set

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Re: Daphne Tutorial (LaserDisc Ex: Dragon's Lair)
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2019, 12:01:29 PM »
Hi everyone, I have a problem with the daphne configuration.
I have compiled the scripts, in .bat and in autoit (.au3). When directly launched, both versions works fine but...
When I launch the scripts with retroFE the emulator (or rather the window with the game), starts minimized.
Anyone had this issue?

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