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Convenient Playlists
« on: July 28, 2017, 03:28:00 PM »
Would it be possible to implement playlists where, instead of having to type out every game of a particular category, such as genre, you could simply mention the variable(s) which should be included and RetroFE could construct a list of games on the fly.

For example, for a "Zelda Games.txt" playlist file, it could be structured like this:

title="Legend of Zelda"
title="Zelda II"

where "=" refers to if a title includes a particular string. Therefore, each game with either of the strings "Legend of Zelda" or "Zelda II" in their title in a collection will be displayed when the playlist is loaded.

Alternatively, and more usefully, this could be used for genre playlists.
E.g. "Sports.txt" would include:


Thus every game of these genres would be displayed upon loading the playlist.

Finally, this functionality could be extended to other labels such as numberPlayers, rating, year, etc. All of this information would be sourced from the meta.db of course.

Hope I was clear and no rush Pieter - I'm sure you've got a long list of planned features already. Keep up the great work!  :D