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CORE Theme Manager
« on: March 21, 2020, 10:48:25 PM »

CORE Theme Manager for RetroFE

Myself JonahUK, cgethycx, wraith and Htaed7 RCT have put together a theme manager for RetroFE, allowing you to be able to switch between any installed themes via our theme menu.

Along with the theme management, CORE also enables the multi tier menu system in all included themes.

What is a multi tier menu system?

Rather than navigating through one giant single menu wheel loaded up with every system and every collection you can think of, multi tiers split that menu wheel into smaller, more manageable menu's for ARCADES, COMPUTERS, CONSOLES, HANDHELDS and custom COLLECTIONS.
From there ARCADES gets split further on the next tier into SYSTEMS (Cave, Sega Model 2 etc.), GENRE (SHMUPS, FIGHTING etc) & COLLECTIONS (Capcom Classics, Midway Classics etc).
CONSOLES also splits further into MANUFACTURERS (SEGA, Nintendo etc), then iton SYSTEMS (Genesis, SNES etc) on the next tier.
On the main menu, COLLECTIONS is for, you guessed it, COLLECTIONS (Zelda Collection, Mario Collection etc).

Any type of COLLECTIONS can be created by pulling any game you wish to include, from any system you wish, using .sub menu's. That means you can grab every Mario Brothers game from every system that has one (even arcades), put them together in a COLLECTION and don't need to have multiple copies of the game, video or art.

We are very grateful to have permission to use the included themes, and ALL credit goes to those theme devs for creating them.

Our goal is to get everyone involved in creating new themes for the wonderful RetroFE.

We cant wait to see what people come up with and start submitting here.

Feel free to join our discord also for some great tips etc -

Thanks to JJTheKing for hosting the Google Drive link -

YouTube -
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Re: CORE Theme Manager
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2020, 11:47:58 PM »
Allow me to be the first to say thank you!!! It would be my honor.  8)