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Announcements / Re: RetroFE development
« Last post by Pieter Hulshoff on September 27, 2020, 06:52:49 AM »
This should fix the video issues with older themes.
If it helps, here is my settings.conf. 
This is part of a 4TB build, so I'll see if I can make a copy and replace the games with zero length files or something.  How should I get it to you?
RetroFE doesn't log every image and video it cannot find though; that would quickly fill up the log after all. :) Perhaps I should build debug logging for that sometime though.
If it's v0.10.0 I'm not sure what the issue might be. Perhaps if you can send me a copy of a small setup with what it should do, I can have a look to see where things go wrong. If there are issues in the code I will certainly try to fix them.
There doesn't appear to be anything in the logs signifying a problem with loading images or videos for a particular collection, which is why I'm confused.
10.0, dated 5/23/20.
Announcements / Re: RetroFE development
« Last post by Pieter Hulshoff on September 24, 2020, 06:07:22 PM »
Ok, I think I've updated the documentation accordingly. I'll first look into some issues with older themes with the v0.10.2 release, and then move on to fix some issues with regards to reflection.
Is this with the v0.10.0 release or the v0.10.2 release? I'm currently looking into some issues with the v0.10.2 release regarding video display, including some issues with some of the Core themes.
Atlas theme - I have several nested collections and in a few the snaps/videos do not appear.  I can hear the video and see the list, but it shows the background, not the video as in most standard profiles.  Other times, I get a blank screen.  Additionally, with large collections, there always seems to be a remnant left of it when I back out.

Collections with multiple .sub files seem to be more affected than ones with just roms in them.

I have attached several screenshots and the log file that corresponds to the displayed issues.
General Discussion & Help / Re: Conditional Sub Collections ?
« Last post by oracledude on September 23, 2020, 08:23:59 PM »
The way I handle nested collections is with compound folder names.

For example - Sports Games.  I have the following directory structure:  Collection_Sports, Collection_Sports_Hockey, Collection_Sports_Baseball, Collection_Sports_Soccer, etc.  In Collection_Sports, my menu.txt lists all the folders named Collection_Sports_*.  within each of those, I either continue nesting, or create .sub files pointing to MAME, NES, Genesis, etc.
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