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Bounties / Re: RetroFE website
« on: October 18, 2018, 08:21:44 PM »
Hey Pieter, are private messages disabled? I've tried to send you a PM more than once and it never shows on my Sent Messages.  :-X

I've wrote about a couple of things, but mainly what I wanted to ask was, where would you want to discuss this in more detail? We can do it:

1. Via a messenger software, like Telegram or Skype or whichever you feel more comfortable with.
2. Via the forum messages, but then they would need to work.
3. Publicly (?) in forum posts.

The first one is more personal and agile, it would be easier to get your feedback and discuss more detailed things on the run. The second one is easier, I guess, and would allow for wall-of-texts instead of agile discussions. The third one would be good for keeping records for the future, but would allow for public feedback, which would potentially hurt/hinder progress and still wouldn't be nearly as agile as using a messenger software. Which one seems to be the better for you?

Waiting for an answer and sorry for the delay ;D

Bounties / Re: RetroFE website
« on: October 03, 2018, 06:45:27 AM »
Hey Pieter

I've worked with dlol in the past, he has experience with Wordpress and I'm a designer and illustrator, so when you gave him the heads up he immediately invited me to get into this. I accepted and now I have a few questions that I'd like you to answer before we do anything:

1. How much freedom do we have?
As in, do you have any restrictions that you would like us to follow? Like, maybe you would like to keep the download links and aboutme separated from the homepage or something like that, would you like to retain anything as it is right now or do you give us permission to come up with new ideas? Of course we would make mockups before we did any actual work and get your answer first to make sure that, even if we get new ideas, you like them.

2. Are we going for a more "serious" or "arcade" tone?
Think of this more like a spectrum and less like a bool. If we go for the "serious" tone, things would look more corp-like and crystal-clear, more monotonous but impossible to go wrong. LibRetro's website tries to achieve that tone. and are still serious, but with a controlled and healthy dose of fun. Or we could go for the "arcade" tone and I would open my archive of old japanese videogame manuals to do something more fun, but still informative and perfectly functional as a readable design. I wouldn't go too far anyway, dlol is a fan of more serious tones.

and 3. Would you want me to rethink or fix your logo?
That's not really related to the website. I just think that your logo could be better, so if you wish to do something new we can talk about it, but if you want to keep the concept and just get a new vector with some variations and suggestions I could do this very quickly. Or we could scrap this altogether and just keep the website in mind.

Waiting for an answer :)

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