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General Discussion & Help / STEAM DECK
« on: October 08, 2022, 09:00:20 AM »
Anybody have instruction of how to install this on the steamdeck? ive tried to compile multiple times now and am getting shit on lol. I feel this is a way more widely adopted platform than my last venture with the switch using switchroot. I hate to sound like a dick when i say this but I dont want any have tried this or that. I want results from somebody that knows what they are doing with linux and like using this frontend like i do. Im entertaining the idea of keping around steamOS but frustration is setting in very quickly with its limitations and its getting harder to find a reason to not just make it fully windows. so if you can help id appreciate it. preferably not running in a dock or distrobox. native is what im looking for. Proton launch of the windows exe would be fine but there seems to be a weird issue with launching certain emu's.

General Discussion & Help / Re: linux executable??
« on: July 14, 2022, 04:15:59 AM »
ok back to the switch again.. it crashes alot. just freezes. here is log. any hints pop out at you guys?? it runs well until it dies

General Discussion & Help / Re: Pi 4 image
« on: July 09, 2022, 09:16:56 PM »
is this just for raspberry pi 4?

General Discussion & Help / Re: linux executable??
« on: July 09, 2022, 08:14:03 PM »
i want it on my pi. i saw that a group made an image for it but after trying it have decided it is not good enough at all. is what i saw max performance for what the pi can do with retrofe? am thinking about compiling for ps4 linux as well. on the switch there is something stoping it from working well too. crashes left and right. looked at logs and all is see is it saying it cant find settings 9 or other numbers. or layout 16x9 yada yada... i dont use any of those but i also doubt that is the problem either with the freezes i get. i wish there was more of a guru on linux and had an unpatched switch to try this on with one of the switchroot distros available.

General Discussion & Help / linux executable??
« on: July 08, 2022, 04:28:07 AM »
what linux distro is the executable made for that doesnt require it to be compiled. got the zip but 18.04 ubuntu doesnt like it. have it compiled as well but it just crashes constantly. this is on my switch for my info on the issue if anyone knows. this could be great on the switch so further help would be very VERY awesome. am able to run attractmode on it with no issue but prefer retrofe as its what i have made my own personal layout for.. thanks in advance guys for any info or help. log doesnt show anything either before you ask. retrofe just freezes at random and needs to be force closed.

Any way i can have one of the older sources from you? 10.20 ish maybe?

after further testing it looks like it may be gstreamer making it act up. with vids to load i cant make it crash. also when looking at gameboy videos i get the diaganol garbled up video if that helps. just played the video with vlc and it plays great. stock video player does the same thing that retro fe does. can i make retrofe use ffmpeg instead??

So finally got it all compiled a couple of days ago and there are some issues with crashing. no sure if its a video issue or what. dont suppose anyone has installed this on their unpatched switch yet and compiled but any help would be awesome. tried it with TITAN from CORE and with my own layout Killer and while killer doesnt do it as much it does in fact crash out of nowhere. I mean it just locks up. i have to bring up the task manager and kill the process because ending it is not enough.

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