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General Discussion & Help / RetroFE Version 0.8.14 Menu Issue
« on: November 29, 2021, 08:17:58 PM »

I have two cabinets with RetroFE Version 0.8.14.
The screen is a 29" CRT connected to a video card through a GBS 8100 VGA to RGB converter.
Resolution is 1024x768.
Actually I upgraded the controls for two USB zero delay chinese boards (trying to solve the issue), one for each player (cabinets are for two players).
(I had two hacked gamepads originally in each of the cabinets wired to my controls, and the issue happened with them also).
I'm using the default layout Aeon Nox.
I have Windows 10 with its latest updates.
I use Xpadder v2015.01.01 to map some joystick buttons to keyboard keys for some emulators.

In one of the cabinets I have an issue with RetroFE:
Sometimes when I want to select a system in the layout, RetroFE enters and exit that system, in a loop.
Sometimes if select a system it launchs the first game on that list automatically.
Sometimes it will scroll non stop.

If I press and hold some buttons it changes the behaviour or might switch to another of the mentioned loops. Sometimes this fixes the issue. Sometimes it fixes if I hold the button mapped to the "Exit" function.

If I exit RetroFE with the "Q" key and reload it, most of the times the problem solves itself.

I checked several times under "Devices.." in Windows control panel and the joysticks directions and buttons work fine, no button is self pressed.

I recently updated both cabinets Windows (last time I ran Windows Update was 5 months ago) in hopes to solve the issue.
But it still happens.

Because of this issue, (it only happens in one cab, the other is fine), I tried playing with RetroFE Version 0.10.21 on my main computer. (Windows 10 with latest updates also).
Just a quick test to start migrating from 0.8.14. So I tried to do a small Sega Genesis collection, but for some reason my png screenshots are never shown in the Genesis menu.
I tried changing the format to bmp and jpg. I tried with less compression (I use Irfanview). These screenshots have 320x240 resolution.
Videos seem to work fine (tried the default Zero Tolerance included). But screenshots are never shown and all my collections have png screenshots, being MAME the only exception where I have videos.

I have read that Windows had updated its SDL libraries and that might cause some issues with RetroFE. Maybe that is causing this issue?.

I'll really appreciate any help or guidance.

Regards ;).

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