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Animation trigger for new playlist....

Two things for this function as it speeds up this looks great then it just it possible to slow down to a stop as it does speed up to full speed...this would make this feature perfect...

One more option would be to define a time to start and then a time between spins...this would allow for 1 minute of no press it starts and then every 10 secs a new game is rolled

:) great feature

Feature Requests / Suggestions / Start Up on last game played
« on: March 12, 2018, 05:19:25 AM »
Start Up on last game played....

It remembers the last selected game until boot then it does not remember the position.

At present jumps to the select collection normally main but can be defined...then when you go into collections the last remember position is wiped...this looks to be correct

however one of two options would be option to remember the collection and game last played and jump to that on boot...or if collection to start is not main and another collection to remember the last played game in that collection

This would be fantastic for what im working on...PS I was looking at building or porting a GUI but have found this is so incredible at capturing nearly perfectly what I was after...ill show a video soon of some stuff ive been working on :) ive been around a bit with this stuff and this GUI is so good....

:) cheers all

Some way to skin the GUI so to show a game is currently in the playlist :)

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