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General Discussion & Help / Retroarch integration help
« on: February 16, 2018, 08:44:19 AM »
I've downloaded the 40GB setup on youtube that is "preconfigured" for mame and retroarch and has all the cores etc and has a bunch of artwork.

Unfortunately, I can't get some of the emulator to work.  Atari ones work fine, the SNES works, but the N64 and NES don't.

I've never used retroarch before (mainly Mame and older stand alone emulators).

Attached are my log files and conf files in case anyone can help!

I'm running RetroFE in an arcade cabinet using windows 10 and would like it to run automatically.

I've copied the shortcut and put in shell:common startup (after editing it with the correct path).

It runs, but the windows toolbar is in front of it (I.e. no focus).  Since I don't want to use a mouse, how can I automate this?

This method of starting was working fine with another front end.

General Discussion & Help / Layout help: Retrospin
« on: February 10, 2018, 04:00:01 AM »

I've been using retrospin for Mame (arcade) and have made the following mods to keep the layout "simple". 

- I've renamed the artwork_front and medium front directories to make them "not appear" and cover the names of the games

What I can't figure out (I'm not a programmer) is how to:

- move artwork_front and medium front to the left somewhere to cover the "generic" arcade game (not on top of each other)
- not let the game names "dim" after a few seconds so you can't see your options (see screenshot)
- Also, the "fade out" of the video takes too long- would be good that it's quicker
- display which playlist I'm in

If anyone can point me in the right location to edit the XML I'd appreciate it!


General Discussion & Help / Mame configuration for Arcade cabinet
« on: February 08, 2018, 09:14:22 AM »
Hey!  First post!

I've recently installed RetroFE to use as a front end for my Arcade cabinet using xin-mo controllers with MAME .194 and full extras running in windows 10 on an I3 and so far I love it!

I'd like a bit of help getting my config working 100%:

So far I've:
- Installed RetroFE and Animatic
- Changed layout to Animatic
- Setup the controls.conf to work with my josticks/buttons
- Configured to settings.conf to run from my MAME 1.94 folder (with MAME extras) including roms,  snap (mapped to/screenshot), marquee(mapped to /logo or maybe /screentitle), and cabinet (mapped to /artwork_front)
- Downloaded MAME XML and include and copied and renamed "no clones" to include.txt, and copied include_no_casino_clones_mahjong_mature_quiz_electro_utilities_playchoice to Playlists.  I also manually edited the favorites to include some of my favorites

Everything kinda works, but I have a few questions:
1. Animatic does not look like in the screen capture on the download link; I simply have the game "marquees" on the left, and the snap on the right, I don't have the artwork shown, and furthermore, on the games that I don't have marquees for, I get a blank title making it hard to identify a game with a blank title.  It also does not display "capcom" (it does in default theme).  How should I configure my settings.conf for things to work correctly?  Is there anyway to display the text vs. a graphic for the game when it's not available?
2. How can I add a game to favorites other than manually
3. When I scroll through playlists, how can I know which playlist is being displayed (other than game count)


EDIT:  I've just seen the PIN about MAME with artwork- I'm starting to download.  I assume this will help me with the first question.

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