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General Discussion & Help / Playstation Controller via USB adapter question
« on: September 27, 2017, 12:17:11 PM »

Curious about something. I'm using an official Playstation 2 Controller connected via a PS2 to USB adapter. Windows recognizes the controller and it doesn't require any special drivers. I don't use the dualshock functionality. I configured controller buttons in retrofe config file as normal.

For all my other emulators/games etc the gamepad works perfect. The direction and other buttons work fine.

When I run RetroFE, I have to press the 'Analog' button (the middle button that lights up in red) to get the direction buttons working. When I choose a game, once I am in it, I have to press the Analog button OFF so that my emulator responds to my controller configuration.

Other games, emulators etc do not require me to do this.

I've attached my controls.conf file incase I have set up my controller incorrectly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi guys,

I'm looking for some advice and recommendations please on a machine. Now that my RetroFE setup is nearing it's completion I'm excited to host it on a suitable machine. I'm looking for advice on the hardware to run my setup on. My requirements are listed below:

- Windows Based
- Small as possible (Will sit in my living room underneath TV)
- Bluetooth desirable
- Nothing too overkill

Running following games:

- Snes games
- Genesis games
- Early 90's dosbox games
- mid 90's windows games i.e GTA 1 (none of which are 3D)
- Around 10 psx1 games (Crash bandicoot, Porsche Challenge, Tekken 3)
- Arcade (mame) - mainly 2d classics like street fighter alpha etc

As you can see my games don't require very demanding hardware. I have looked at a few ideas so far:

1. Intel Compute Stick
2. Intel NUC
3. Zotac i68 (mini pc of 10x10x4 cm with core i5 and integrated graphics)
4. Kangaroo Plus Mobile Mini PC, Intel Atom x5 Z8500, 4GB LPDDR3, 64GB eMMC, Finger Print Reader, Non OS, Windows 10 compatible)
5. Sumvision Cyclone Quad Core Windows 8.1 Mini PC/Computer

What do you think of any of the above?

Can you recommend any nice micro PC's? Which CPU's should I avoid?

My first preference is the Intel Compute Stick however I'm not sure if it is powerful enough.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

General Discussion & Help / Mame Roms not launching via .Bat file
« on: June 20, 2017, 12:59:18 AM »
Hi guys,

I'm using RetroFE for windows. I've configured mame and my mame roms in RetroFE. With default launcher settings all works fine.

I made a .bat file to try launch 2 applications 1. ahk (autohotkey) and 2. mame + rom however the roms will not launch from RetroFE. The log file doesn't show any errors.

contents of launcher file -
executable = emulators\MAME\mame64.bat
arguments = %ITEM_FILEPATH%

contents of batch file -
@echo off

pushd "D:\Emulators\RetroFE080\emulators\autohotkey"
start ahk.exe mame.ahk

pushd "D:\Emulators\RetroFE080\emulators\Mame"
mame64.exe %1

I've made .bat files (coded to run several programs) for my windows games in RetroFE and they all work fine.

I tested the above code with Emulation Station for windows and it works fine. Feels like the item_filepath is not being passed through in RetroFE.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Guys,

I've been doing some digging and I am struggling to work out how to get RetroFE to display all my games (regardless of console) on the home screen instead of the collections. I only have an interest of playing around 30-40 games hence the reason for doing this.

Can anyone advise how I do this please?

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