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Just a random thought question. Is it possible to flip between sub menus without backing to the previous menu? I've noticed once I'm in the system menus that the L/R D-pad largely goes unused for vertical scrolling and would be awesome for implementing Genre sub menus into a system list.

Share your theme / ChickenCoop is back (sort of) for RetroFE 0.7.19
« on: January 19, 2017, 06:31:48 AM »

ChickenCoop was originally posted on the old forums about a year ago, sadly I haven't done much with it since then. Ill be honest and say I was holding out for the PHP support so I could finish it without splitting my head open with the random quirks that would crop up while making it originally. After completely forgetting about it, ChickenCoop sat on a still 3/4th's build quite happily chirping the 2 menu tune.

It still chirps the 2 menu tune, but now, thanks to psibash pm'ing me on the old forums, its back and working on 0.7.19. The menu indexing seems to have been fixed in RetroFE and in time I might be able to figure out the multiple submenu tricks and work that in.

Poor Video Demo:

Sorry for the bad video, blame window anniversary for and cell phone video. (anyone know any good tips for desktop capture that doesn't cost an arm?)

Please let me know if there are any issues with it (fix, drop, sleep... little testing). There seems to be a little lag in the transition on my computer. Might be changing the timing or event handling... anyways enjoy!

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