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Share your theme / Read this first!
« on: February 13, 2022, 08:18:09 AM »
Only post actual themes here that can be used with a base RetroFE install. Any "themes" that are builds or require 3rd party add-ons, keep to your discord groups, youtube channels, etc. They will not be tolerated here. Thanks!

Disclaimer: I haven't messed with RetroFE in a while.

I recently tried to create a collection using a .sub file from the parent collection which uses an include,txt. The problem is it ignores the contents of the sub file and just displays the entire include of the parent directory.

If there is something I'm doing wrong please inform me on how to fix it. Otherwise, this feature is broken.

General Discussion & Help / Merged collections custom game order
« on: July 28, 2018, 07:16:27 PM »
I've been attempting to use a custom game order using an include.txt for a merged collection (.sub files) but I can't seem to get it to work. Is this currently possible?

I've tried using the normal %gameName% syntax as well as the .sub playlist syntax _%collectionName%: %gameName%. menuSort is set to false, running 0.8.18.

Feature Requests / Suggestions / Playlist collection/menu
« on: February 19, 2017, 11:08:18 PM »
I didn't see any information related to what I'm about to propose but if this functionality already exists feel free to point and laugh at me :D

One of the things I think would be a good addition is a collection/menu for the playlists. It would be similar to any other menu where you could see all the playlists listed (with images for each). Having multiple playlists is great but without a menu for them having a bunch of playlists is a bit messy to navigate by just using the next/previous buttons. Genre playlists or something similar isn't really feasible at this point because having to scroll through 1 by 1 defeats the main purpose of having them, to be able to find a group of games quickly.

Again, apologies if this has already been implemented or requested. Thanks!

Hey guys, I think I stumbled onto a bug. After updating to MAME 182 and utilizing PortAudio in MAME using the WASAPI RetroFE will hang indefinitely and crash when trying to exit RetroFE. There are no issues with the emulator or RetroFE regarding sound, that all works fine. When I go to exit RetroFE it hangs on a black screen (5+min) and if I press Escape it will crash.

Using another API for PortAudio or disabling PortAudio in MAME allows RetroFE to close normally. I checked the log and there doesn't seem to be any errors, the last line written is "[SDL] DeInitializing" which is where it hangs, RetroFE never exits. This occurs on the 0.7.20b3 build and the 0.7.20b4 build posted today.

Off Topic / Just saying hello
« on: December 16, 2016, 08:54:13 PM »
I've been using RetroFE as my primary front end for about a year or so now and just wanted to say hi and applaud phulshof and the theme creators for doing a great job. I've just been lurking on the old forum (and this one) until now and figured I should finally post ;D

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