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Share your theme / Super DreamStation Theme
« on: January 22, 2017, 12:12:54 PM »
This is incomplete and I wonīt probably update it for long, so take what you like/need. You are free to use this on any build or to reuse any content on any layout.

Full pack with all layouts:

Super DreamStation
  • The theme build is my buildīs name, coming from "Super Nintendo", "Dreamcast" and "PlayStation". I tried to bring in more company names but I didnīt find a better name.
  • The theme is for 3 level collections: Company, gaming machines, and games. When thereīs not just a company, like Arcade or PC, Iīve decided to have just two of them.
  • Currently there are 33 systems on my build, so Iīve done art for those systems only. The goal is having a layout per system, being really similar but having little small changes. They try to look and feel like art from that generation. That means no fancy layouts for old systems. If you read magazines from those days, or Retrogamer today, you know what Iīm looking for.
  • I have the 33 layouts done without properly animating everything.
  • I will put here common art too for all the layouts.
  • Originally I planned to release this with the original art resources and PSDs, but they take much space, so ask for them if you want them, as I keep them in case I end up changing anything.

Main layout (v1.0):

The Main layout is a two level layout. It contains the company menu and the system menu.

As you can see, only some companies are actually featured. Look into the "collections/Main/medium_artwork" for companies, and into "collections/(company)"  for systems of that company. As I said, only Arcade and PC are two level: Entering that menu goes directly into the games of those systems.

  • Finish the bottom help menu. Itīs currently WIP and I wonīt finish as long as new features which need buttons are added. Feel free to change it or delete it from the XML (itīs exactly on the bottom for easy removal).
  • Logos work fine on the second menu as long as you donīt come back from another layout. Iīm still thinking on the way to go with this "bug".

Common art
This theme uses these kind of common arts, only on the game menus:
* ctrltype (v1.0):
* genre (v1.0):
* manufacturer (v1.0):
* modes (v1.0):
* numberPlayers (v1.0):
* rating (v1.0):

  • ctrlType will get custom icons per system. It needs custom XML though currently.
  • modes currently donīt work as there cannot be custom labels on the XML. I plan to add which games are single player, coop multiplayer, or comp multiplayer.
  • rating is heavily WIP. My goal is having all systems using the same rating system, as I personally donīt think having more than one is actually useful at all. As Iīm in PAL, I use the PEGI system, but the idea is having similar iconsets for other regions.

And lastly, the system layouts. Thereīs some space reserved on the upper-right for future art for playlists, and some space reserved for the mode info (single player, coop, comp).

Sega Master System (v1.0):

Custom XML:

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