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Title: launch xpadder at the same time as retrofe
Post by: lankou91 on August 10, 2018, 09:38:00 AM

is it possible you can launch Xpadder or Joytokey at the same time as reftrofe

because with xpadder or joytokey solve a lot of problems with some emulator I tried several things

but I can not do it ahk file example

Code: [Select]
Process, Exist, retrofe.exe
if ErrorLevel
Process, close, retrofe.exe
Run retrofe.exe D:\RetroBox\core\retrofe.exe

Process, Exist, explorer.exe
while ErrorLevel
Process, Close, explorer.exe
Process, Exist, explorer.exe


not work anymore I noticed that if I do not run retrofe REtroFE.lnk the relative path does not work.

sorry for my english mes I translate with google